CPD & Supervision

Learning and development opportunities

Becoming a qualified sophrologist is only the start of your professional journey. At the ISF, we encourage all sophrologists to continue learning and developing, so that we can deliver our best to our clients. Opportunities include specialist workshops, peer group and 1-to-1 supervision.

Specialist Workshops

We offer a variety of specialist workshops throughout the year for you to keep developing your skills as a professional sophrologist. Take a look at the Events page to see what’s on, or reach out using the contact form on the right.

Specialist courses and workshops are also offered by our member schools:

SophroKi Sophrology Centre
The Sophrology Academy


Having a supervisor is also key for us to make sure that we are delivering our best when working with clients.

Find below supervision currently offered by ISF members:

  • Annette Ebbinghaus

    Annette is a Master Sophrologist that has been working with parents, children and adolescents since 2009. She has worked with a variety of clients both corporate and individuals. Stress management, performance – achieving goals, addictions, fears and limiting beliefs are the areas where Annette finds herself working most often. She is the founder of the beChill Exams & beChill Teens programs, as well as the Families in Balance workshop series and the myPractice App.

    Supervision with Annette:
    Annette offers supervision in both group and one-to-one settings. Group sessions are 90 minutes, 4 times per year, beginning in March, and continuing in June, September and December. Each group member also has one 60-minute individual session as part of the program.

    Further Information: Contact Annette at annette@trulybalance.com
    Discounts available for ISF members.

  • Florence Parot

    Florence has been helping her clients with stress, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues for more than 16 years in France and England. She offers wellbeing programmes and retreats and she is the author of several sophrology books.

    Supervision with Florence:

    Florence offers supervision on a 1-2-1 and group basis. In a supervision session, we will look into any difficulties or questions regarding client work, your activity and business development or any other concern you may have in your work as a sophrologist.
    For group supervision, you are expected to commit for a year with 2-hour sessions 4 times a year. Each group has a maximum of 6 sophrologists in it.


    Further Information: Contact Florence at florence.parot@labullederepos.com
    Discounts available for ISF members.

  • Audrey Zannese

    Audrey has worked with people living with chronic illness, anxiety, pain and fatigue for 7 years. She volunteered for several years at her local MacMillan centre, delivered an 8-week pain management intervention in a randomised controlled trial and teaches modules on the use of sophrology for chronic conditions and pain management at The Sophrology Academy.

    Supervision with Audrey:
    Audrey offers 1-to-1 and group supervision for newly qualified sophrologists. You’ll get an opportunity to discuss and reflect on your client work so that you feel
    supported and more confident in your activity as a practitioner. Individuals sessions – 50 min. Group sessions – every two months starting in February 2024. Minimum – Maximum number of participants: 3 – 6. Duration 1h-2h

    Further Information: Contact Audrey at audrey.zannese@sophroacademy.co.uk
    Discounts available for ISF members.