Ongoing learning together

Qualifying as a sophrologist is only the first step.

Being professional sophrologists requires us to learn and develop our craft on an ongoing basis. That’s the way we can be top of our game for our clients.

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Continuing Professional Development and Supervision

The ISF offers opportunities for you to keep developing as a sophrologist. Discover here what these opportunities are including information about how to find a supervisor who can support you on your sophrology journey.

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Group session with the ISF


Get familiar with interesting publications and the latest on research projects that demonstrate the positive impact that sophrology can have.

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Research with Sophrology with ISF

Good Practice Resources (member login required)

Get access to a variety of resources to help you put the ISF Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct into practice. This is a hub for sophrologists to get valuable guidance to support your clients.

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Sophrolology ISF Conference 2019

Members Forum

A space dedicated to making connections with other members with a specific application of sophrology in the world. Whether you are interested in sophrology in business, schools or health, find your group and start sharing. Or even better, create one for others to join!

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