Optimal health and wellbeing

A unique structured method with a 60-year track record.

Sophrology aims to produce optimal health and wellbeing through a series of simple, dynamic relaxation exercises that lead to a relaxed body and a calm, alert mind.

How can sophrology help me

  • Feel less anxious or stressed, be more relaxed, sleep better, improve concentration, have fewer worries, feeling of deep inner happiness and a general sense of wellbeing.
  • Manage pain, live better with chronic conditions, pre and post natal, mental wellbeing, burnout prevention and recovery, cope better with changes in life.
  • Personal development – build self-confidence and self-acceptance. Change unwanted behavioural patterns. Release stress and be calm before meetings, presentations, public speaking, studies and exams.
  • Sports – increase mental focus and performance.
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Sophrology is:

  • A structured method for optimal health and well-being.

  • Simple physical and mental exercises that, when practised regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind.

  • Created from both Eastern and Western philosophies, sophrology is designed for modern life, with its speed, stress and problems.
  • Sophrology exercises can be as short as 3mins or as long as 45mins.
  • Sophrology can be done anytime, anywhere, alone or in a group
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Working with a sophrologist

A typical sophrology session starts alone or in a group, with a sophrologist guiding you through a series of breathing, physical and mental exercises that will help you grow in awareness of your body, how it responds to stress and the outside world, as well as how it experiences calmness.

Depending on your reason for the session, a series of short exercises and techniques can be provided for working on your own, based on the time you have available.

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“I’ve done gym classes, yoga, Pilates, stopped smoking, basically any self-help thing I could have done, I’ve done, and nothing has made a difference. However today Sophrology is the first time in three years I’ve been able to switch off my mind.”

Investment Professional, London

I really enjoyed my sophrology sessions, the breathing exercises I learnt, helped me with my temper.

Lucia, London (11 years old)
I’ve felt a difference in myself and other people have noticed
HR Consultant, London