Become a member of ISF

 Criteria for membership

  • Be a certified Sophrologist from a recognised school
  • Be able to give sophrology sessions in English
  • Be accepted by the governing body of the ISF


  • The ISF sets the standards for English speaking Sophrologists
  • Have your credentials on the ISF site
  • Promote your events on the calendar
  • Be invited to our annual Sophrologists’ conference
  • Be part of the pioneering team of English Speaking Sophrologists

Application procedure


Email us at with

Contact details, years of experience, specialist fields, languages in which you practice Sophrology + copies of your Sophrology certificates/diplomas


You will then receive a letter from us. If you are accepted as a member, the letter will mention payment options and details, either using the link under here or by bank transfer.


Once you have received your confirmation letter.

Please click on the applicable membership option below to make payment:


Membership shall only be deemed confirmed upon full receipt of payment.
Membership fees shall be payable annually in advance.
Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Non-payment of fees shall result in removal of member details from the ISF site.